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Cyber Monday (and Other Online Holiday) Shoppers Beware

If you make some online purchases this holiday season, please be cautious of email scams that are specifically targeting online shoppers. Some of these include:

  • "Shipping problem" emails from what appears to be FedEx, UPS or the US Postal Service. The email will claim that the sender tried to deliver a package from a company where you made a purchase but could not deliver it due to an incomplete address. "Please click on the link to correct the address and you will get your package" -- or something like this -- might be a link in the email. If you do click the link, your computer or device is likely to get infected with malware. 
  • Watch out for alerts via a text to your smartphone that "confirm delivery" from FedEx, UPS or the USPS and then ask you to supply some personal information. Don't reply with any information.
  • Scams notifying you that you are due a refund. The email will likely appear to come from a large retailer claiming there was a "wrong transaction" and prompting you to "click for refund". You will get something, but it won't be a refund; it will be malware.

You should always be cautious, but at this time of year, First Farmers strongly encourages you to be extra diligent and think before you click. Roughly a billion criminal emails of this kind are being sent each day. As always, if you question the validity of an email or text, do not open it or click any links it contains. And never provide your personal information to a source you question, especially if you did not initiate the communication.


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